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Assigning Spanish MATHia Sequences

Follow the steps below to assign Spanish MATHia Sequences to individual students.

  1. Log in to your Carnegie Learning account and select Teacher’s Toolkit.

  2. In the upper right corner, check your Preferences to make sure the Spanish edition is selected. 

  3. Add a group in Additional Content for Spanish MATHia, and then add the Spanish MATHia sequence you would like available for your students.

    *See this article for more information on adding additional content.

  4. Return to the Class Details page. 

  5. Select the Additional Content tab.


  6. Select your Spanish MATHia group from the dropdown menu.

  7. Unlock the first module for the students who need Spanish MATHia. (Only students with unlocked Spanish modules will see the Spanish modules.

    *Additional content will not autoprogress. When your students are ready for module 2 you will need to unlock the module for them. 

    **See this article for more information on assigning additional content.

  8. Data will be collected for Additional Content in all reports except the APLSE report.