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Student Grouping Feature Added

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated Classes to include the ability to place students into custom-named groups and then assign lesson materials to those groups.

  1. From a Class card, click Groups.

  2. You are now at the Groups screen for that particular class.

    Note: On the Groups screen, you are brought to the Active tab that will display any groups that are currently set up. The Archived tab will house any groups that have been archived (saved), but not permanently deleted.

  3. To add a custom-named group of students, click + Add Groups.

  4. You are now viewing the Add Group popup window.

    To create your custom-named group, enter a unique Group Name, select the students to be included in the group, and if desired, add a Group Description. Then, click Add Group.

  5. After adding the group, you are brought back to the Groups screen where you will now see your custom-named group added to the Active tab.

    Note: You will see ALL students in your class listed. Under the custom-named group column, the  symbol will indicate which students are a part of that group. Students that are not part of the group will remain blank in the custom-named group column.

    If needed, you can filter by clicking on the group name and this will sort your students so those in the group appear together.

  6. Once you have created your custom-named groups, you can now assign lesson materials to those groups.

    Navigate to the lesson material you wish to assign. Then, click Assign.

  7. You are viewing the Assign popup window, with Groups now appearing in the Assign To: section.

  8. By selecting Groups, an expanded list will appear showing any and all custom-named groups that you have set up.

    Note: To see which students are assigned to a particular group, you can hover over the group name and a popup will appear listing each of the students in the group.

  9. Select the group(s) for which you want to assign the lesson material. Then, set the Date Range, adjust the Reports & Grading toggles, and add any Student Instructions. Finally, click Assign.

    Note: You have just created an assignment for the students in your custom-named group.

  10. From the Assignments dashboard, and on the Assignment card, you will now see the Group: indicator along with a numbered link.

    Hovering over the numbered link, you can see the custom-named group(s) the lesson material was assigned to along with a list of the students in the group.

  11. Additionally, you can now Filter By Group in the Assigned To section on the Assignments dashboard to quickly find all lesson materials assigned to a particular group.

    Note: When you select Group, an expanded list will appear showing any and all active custom-named groups that have been set up for the class. You would then select the group(s) whose assigned lesson materials you would like to review.