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Support Center or Professional Learning Center

The Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution aims to provide robust support to our educators through our Support and Professional Learning Center.  While structured similarly, these Centers house different content to meet different needs.  


Teachers can use the  Support Center to find  how-to articles and general support for the Texas Math Solution. These resources are available to all Texas stakeholders and generally support the following areas:

  • Getting Started Guides
  • Learning Together: Course Overviews, Course Information, Lesson Planning, Assessments, Student Supports etc.
  • Learning Individually: MATHia Overviews, Content Sequences, Reports, Student Supports etc. 
  • Resources for Families in Spanish
  • Feature Releases
  • Customer Support Contact Information

The Professional Learning Center (PL Center) is accessed through your MyCL account. The Professional Learning Center houses targeted, customized resources designed to develop educators' understanding of the Texas Math Solution and enhance their pedagogical toolboxes. The PL Center resources are available to any Texas stakeholder who has adopted the Texas Math Solution and includes the following distinct types of resources to drive ongoing professional learning: 

  • Initial Training Workshops: Access recordings of previous live, interactive sessions to help educators get started with the Texas Math Solution
  • On Demand Learning: Participate in asynchronous courses designed to help educators successfully implement the Texas Math Solution (~30 mins each).