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Teacher’s Implementation Guide (TIG)

Every lesson has a Teacher's Implementation Guide (TIG) which is the facilitation notes for that lesson.

The TIG is a valuable resource providing point-of-use support that serves as a teacher’s primary resource for planning, guiding, and facilitating student learning.

Each TIG includes the following for each lesson: materials list, overview, student expectations, and a summary of the essential ideas that students will develop as they engage in the lesson.

The TIG also includes a detailed set of guidelines that walks the teacher through implementing the Getting Started, Activities, and Talk the Talk portions of the lesson. These guidelines include activity overviews, grouping strategies, guiding questions, possible student misconceptions, differentiation strategies, student look-fors, and activity summaries.

It is important to note that the TIG should be used in conjunction with doing the math as you prepare for your lesson, and that any questions, or line of questioning, outlined in the TIG are meant to be suggestions for how to guide the conversation for your students and are not a script.

In short, the TIG is the teacher's one-stop shop for planning at the lesson level! For more resources on preparing for your lesson and the Lesson Internalization, click here.