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TEKS-Aligned Skills Practice Overview

The TEKS-aligned Skill Practice is organized by topic for each course to align with the Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution student lessons. This Learning Individually resource gives students additional opportunities to engage in additional skill building that aligns to each Learning Together lesson’s skills, concepts, and applications. The Skills Practice targets discrete skills that might require additional practice for some students to achieve mastery. For this reason, not all sections, problem sets, or individual problems need to be assigned to all students. 

The Skills Practice is organized into sections and problem sets. The section number is aligned to the lesson number of the topic and is titled with the subtitle of the corresponding lesson. Each section consists of one or more problem set(s) that are aligned to the TEKS within the lesson and/or topic. If any TEKS from a lesson are not included in the corresponding Skills Practice section, they will be covered in another section within the module in which the standard is fully met. Since this resource is designed to target discrete skills for development and mastery, there are scaffolding and extension opportunities provided in the problem sets that align with the content of the lesson. Therefore, the TEKS alignments in the Teacher’s Edition of the Skills Practice will include wording such as “Prerequisite for TEKS” or “Extension of TEKS ”: