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TEKS Dot Chart

The TEKS Dot Chart is an overview document found in the Front Matter of each course. It will show you the TEKS addressed in each lesson. As you read through the document, it is important to note that an open circle means that the standard is partially covered in that lesson, and a closed (filled in) circle means the standard has been fully met within that lesson. Sometimes a TEKS is not covered completely in a single lesson, but it is met across several lessons. This means that you might not see a closed circle for each TEKS. 

At the bottom of the Dot Chart, you will find the TEKS addressed at the lesson level synthesized into the topic level and then the module level. This overview should help you gain comfort and familiarity with which standards are covered, and when they are covered in the course.

* This PDF is meant to be read as a two-page lay-out. 

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