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Topic Family Guide

The Topic Family Guide is a family & caregiver resource that provides an overview of the mathematics for that topic.

The Topic Family Guide is divided into sections. The "Where have we been?" section provides context for how the math of the topic is connected to what students already know, and the "Where are we going?" section covers how the knowledge learned in the topic will be used in future learning. 

Further information may include an illustration of math from the real-world, a sample standardized test question, a worked example using a tool or strategy, math myths, interesting math facts, or connections to college entrance exams.

Every Topic Family Guide includes Talking Points with questions that parents or guardians can use to start discussions with their students. Every Topic Family Guide also includes key terms that students will use during the topic. 

Carnegie Learning recognizes that learning outside of the classroom is crucial to students’ success at school. While we don’t expect parents to be math teachers, the Topic Family Guides are designed to assist families and caregivers as they talk to their students about what they are learning. Our hope is that both the students and their parents and caretakers will read and benefit from the guides.