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Topic Internalization

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The Topic Internalization Protocol is the process by which teachers understand what students will be learning, how students will be assessed, and the high-level arc of learning over the course of the topic. Understanding how the topic progresses is critical to the lesson internalization process so that teachers understand how each lesson fits into the big picture to move student progress forward.


Use the Module Overview. Read, highlight, and/or record your thoughts about the big ideas across topics.


Step 1: Understand the big picture.

  • Use the Topic Overview: Read, highlight, and/or record your thoughts about the big ideas within the current topic.

  • Use the Scope and Sequence or Pacing Guide: Use the document designated by your school and/or district. Identify how many days are needed for both Learning Together and Learning Individually experiences.

  • Reflect: Why is this topic important? How does it connect to prior topics (if applicable)?

Step 2: Know your destination.

  • Use the End of Topic Assessment, Mid-Topic Assessment, and Answer Keys: Complete each Assessment (when available) considering exemplar strategies. Note what students need to know and be able to do by the end of the topic, including examining the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

  • Reflect: What models, strategies, or terminology are critical for student success on the assessment?

Step 3: Examining the arc of learning.

  • Use the Topic Overview: Analyze the big ideas for each lesson to understand how knowledge and skills build over the topic, including any necessary prior knowledge students may need to successfully engage with the mathematics in the topic. Examine familiarity with mathematical strategies required in the topic.

  • Reflect: How does the math in the arc of learning move from simple to complex?

Step 4: Organize your resources.

  • Use the Materials Needed portion of the Topic Overview: Locate needed resources, supplies, and/or materials. Connect with colleagues, as needed, to support all learners.