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TXMS Options for the 2023 - 2024 School Year

Access to the Texas Math Solution is changing beginning in the 2023 - 2024 school year. Read on to discover all the possibilities your classroom can experience with the Texas Math Solution components within the student and teacher resources.

If you have questions about your access to the TXMS please reach out to your Carnegie Learning Account Executive.

*Free access to the full Texas Math Solution expires July 31, 2023.

teacher resources

  • Teacher’s Implementation Guide (TIG): Designed to help teachers plan lessons, facilitate classroom discussion, and encourage collaborative learning. Includes lesson scaffolding, differentiation strategies, detailed planning resources, pacing suggestions, point-of-use support tips for emergent bilinguals, and questions to support discourse.
  • Pacing Materials: 180-Day, 165-Day, and 150-Day pacing options available in Year-at-a-Glance format, Scope and Sequence format, and Topic Pacing Guides.
  • Lesson Slides: Designed to help teachers facilitate class instruction. Available as Google Slides or PowerPoints.
  • LiveLab: Monitor student engagement and progress in MATHia in real-time.
  • MATHia Reports: Provide crucial student and class data like the Standards Report, Skills Report, Adaptive Personalized Learning Score (APLSE) Report, and Session Report.
  • MyCL: Access all digital instructional and assessment materials, MATHia and reports, Help Center articles, and more through the Carnegie Learning portal.
  • MyPL+: Support implementation with a wide range of videos designed to optimize instruction and in-classroom success.

student resources

  • Student Edition: Designed to create mathematical thinkers who are active learners that participate in class. Available as a consumable book or Digital Book.
  • Lesson Videos: Provide overviews for every lesson. Available as part of the Digital Book.
  • Assignments: Provide opportunities for students to practice current lesson content or review previous content. Available as part of the consumable book, Digital Book, or as an interactive.
  • MATHia®: Intelligent software that provides just-in-time support and tracks progress against fine-grained skills to deliver the right content students need to become proficient with the mathematics.
  • Enhanced Topic Assessments: Provide a measure of student performance on a denoted set of standards. Available as part of the Digital Book or as an interactive.
  • Skills Practice: Provide targeted practice of each lesson’s skills, mathematical concepts, and applications. Available as a Digital Book.
  • Family and Caregiver Guides and Videos: Designed to assist families and caregivers on how to support their student’s academic growth at home. Available as part of the Digital Book

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Open Education Resources are still available through the Texas Education Agency and include PDF versions of the Teacher’s Implementation Guides, Scope & Sequences, Lessons, Assignments, Skills Practices, Enhanced Assessments, and Family and Caregiver resources. These works are subject to a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.