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Understanding the Data Definitions in Leadership Reports


Data Overview


Four data metrics are featured in the report:

  1. % Active Students (as well as the number of actual active students compared to total enrolled students)

  2. Average usage minutes per student per week

  3. Average % syllabus completion per student

  4. Average % APLSE performance per student

The data updates periodically, throughout the day.

Data Analysis Note: These four pieces of data are always calculated the same way, regardless of applied filters and date ranges.


Data Definitions


% Active Students
Definition: Percentage of students currently enrolled in a class who have launched MATHia and navigated to a workspace, per week, for the date range selected.

  • The report only pulls data on students who are enrolled in the class at the time that the report is generated. Students who were previously removed from the roster are not included.

  • Disabled classes are not included in the Leadership Report.


Average Usage per Student
Definition: Average minutes spent in MATHia per student, per week, for the date range selected.

  • The minutes reflect time in MATHia only, not time spent in the MyCL portal, Resource Center, Tech Support, etc.

  • Time is calculated beginning from when the student launches MATHia, including Other Time, Unit Overview Time, and Time on Task.


Average % Syllabus Completion
Definition: Average percentage of the syllabus completed by students at the end of the selected date range.

  • Syllabus Completion updates when a student completes a workspace, so until then, their Syllabus Completion will be zero.

  • If assigned, the Getting Started and Pre-Launch Protocol modules are included in this percentage.

  • In addition to the core sequence of modules, the percentage also includes unsequenced, unlocked modules.

  • Unsequenced, locked modules are not included in the data.

  • Note that % syllabus completion is cumulative throughout the school year. For example, a report that covers only the second quarter will show the percent of the syllabus that the average student has finished by the end of the date range, not the percentage finished during that date range.


Average % APLSE Performance
Definition: Average APLSE Performance represents how well students performed on the workspaces that they have completed.

  • Each active student’s APLSE score is divided by the possible APLSE score for the workspaces the student has completed, and then those percentages are averaged to arrive at the number displayed in the report.

  • The Getting Started and Pre-Launch Protocol modules are not included in this percentage.