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Understanding the Icons on the Class Details Page

The icons on the Class Details page of Teacher’s Toolkit provide teachers with insight into student progress toward completion of assigned MATHia content. 




Student progress is shown in one of four stages:



  • The student has completed the module.

  • The student is currently working in the module.

  • The module is unlocked, but the student has not started work in the module.

  • The module is not currently available to the student.



How can I give my students access to a locked module?


  • If your classes are set to “auto progress” the module will unlock automatically for your students once they have completed the previous module in the sequence. You do not need to unlock the module manually.

  • If you choose to unlock a module manually, you can find the steps in this article:Unlocking a MATHia Module.



How can I change a student’s placement?


  • In order for a student’s placement to be moved, they must be in the “In Progress” stage of the module. If you select all students in your class and choose the person icon at the top of the column, you will only be able to unlock or lock the module if any students in the class are in the unlocked stage.


  • Deselecting students who are either ”Locked” or “Not Started” allows you to change the placement of students who are “in Progress” in the module.