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Unsubmit Functionality

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated the Unsubmit feature in the Gradebook to now allow students to modify all answers and then resubmit their work.


  1. From your Assignments dashboard, click Gradebook for the assignment you would like to access.

  2. From the Gradebook, locate the student whose assignment you would like to Unsubmit and hover over the Submitted date to bring up the Unsubmit button.

  3. Click Unsubmit. The assignment is now available for the student to go back in and modify all answers submitted by students, regardless of item type. They can then resubmit the assignment when they are done.

    REMINDER: You will need to Edit the assignment status if the Due Date/Time has passed, as the assignment will be considered Closed. Move it to the Started status in order for students to go back in and make any modifications.