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Using the Texas Math Solution Support Center

The Texas Math Solution Support Center is a resource for Texas stakeholders who use the Texas Math Solution.

Students and Caregivers

The Students and Caregivers category houses articles about student facing lesson materials, troubleshooting your MATHia account, and the MATHia Student User Guide. Any article published on this site is also published on the corresponding Spanish site.


The Educators category houses all the information you may need from beginning your journey with the Texas Math Solution to implementation and support. This page has six categories that all flow from one into the next.

  1. Getting Started: This category helps you get started using the Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution and defines how to adopt the Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution and how to use the Blended Product. It also provides a plethora of additional information about Carnegie Learning. This is a great place to start if you are brand new to using the resources for the very first time.
  2. Learning Together: This category offers you assistance with all of our Learning Together resources. You will find Getting Started guides, Course Pacing Guides, Course Components overview, using the digital lessons, and tips and tricks for using the digital materials. 
  3. Learning Individually: This category is all about MATHia. You will find Getting Started Guides, Course Pacing guides, the MATHia Table of Contents, what type of reports you can have at your disposal and how to run those reports, as well as using Teacher’s toolkit and troubleshooting your MATHia account.
  4. Initiatives and Updates: This category is our seasonal category that is updated as new initiatives begin. For example, moving into the summer of 2021, there is currently information up on this part of the site around CRIMSI Pilot Programs, Summer Maintenance for closing out the 2020-2021 school year and Summer Learning Pathways for 2021. If you are participating in any type of initiative or program, be sure to check this category often for updates or relevant content for your program
  5. Implementation Support: Once you are familiar and comfortable with all of your Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution resources and materials, the implementation category will offer you some next level support for things like long term planning, the collaborative classroom and supporting language acquisition in the math classroom. These articles are meant to be digestible and offer a deeper level of thinking and understanding in our Carnegie Learning model.
  6. Technical and Customer Support: This category is where you can find information for reaching Customer and Technical Support, contact your Texas Partner, find Release Notes for the digital lesson platform and integrating with our product with your districts roster and learning management systems.