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Exploring the TXMS Sample Center

The Texas Math Solution Sample Center houses all Module 1 materials from every course of the Texas Math Solution. It’s prime function is to provide a comprehensive view into the full solution including our Learning Together and Learning Individually resources.


Understanding the TXMS Sample Center

Once you arrive to the Sample Center you will need to select a course. The Texas Math Solution offers the following courses:

  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Accelerated Grade 6
  • Accelerated Grade 7
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

Inside a course you will be presented with all of the COURSE level documents including:

  • Year at a Glance (180-day, 165-day, 150-day options)
  • Scope and Sequence  (180-day, 165-day, 150-day options)
  • TEKS Dot Chart
  • ELPS Dot Chart
  • Front Matter (Teacher’s Implementation Guide & Student Edition)
  • Glossary

As you scroll down you will find 5 accordion drop downs

Textbooks & PDF Printables


In this category you will find all of the Textbook & PDF Printables at the Module, Topic, and Lesson level resources that are in our textbooks or available as PDF printables in the digital Lesson Materials. 

Module Level:

  • Module Overview
  • Module Family & Caregiver Guide

Topic Level:

  • Topic Pacing Guide (180-day, 165-day, 150-day)
  • Topic Family Guide
  • Topic Overview
  • Topic Summary
  • Skills Practice

Lesson Level:

  • Student Lesson
  • Teacher’s Implementation Guide
  • Student Assignment

MATHia Workspaces

This dropdown has all of the individual MATHia workspaces for Module 1. If you are interested in viewing the full MATHia TOC for your selected course, click here.

Enhanced Topic Assessments

This dropdown has all the Enhanced Topic Assessments for Module 1. Each assessment is provided as a PDF and a digital interactive.

Digital Lessons & Assignments

The Digital Lessons and Assignments provides links to our digital resources. These links will take you into our digital lesson materials platform so you can experience a digital lesson and digital assignment. In this category you will find the following resources:

  • Digital Student Lesson
  • Adapted Virtual Teacher’s Implementation Guide (these are modified TIGs that support a digital learning experience)
  • Digital Student Assignment

Student Lesson Overview Videos

The final category is the Lesson Videos. The Texas Math Solution offers video(s) for every lesson! All of the videos for Module 1 can be found here.