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Utilizing the Assignments

Every Texas Math Solution lesson has a correlating Assignment that can assist you in providing students with moments of practice, extension, and review. 

The goal of the Assignment is to intentionally create opportunities for practice (at home or in the classroom) and to build a strong, conceptual framework for students as they progress through the course. Data generated from the Assignment may be used to identify which MATHia workspace a student should engage with OR can determine if their work in MATHia is effectively supporting unfinished learning. 

Breaking down the Assignment

  • Practice: Some Lessons span multiple days, be thoughtful about which portion of the Assignment students can complete based on the day's progress.
  • Stretch: The Stretch section is an excellent differentiation resource. Use this portion of the Assignment for students who are ready for more advanced concepts.
  • Review: This section provides spaced practice of concepts from previous lessons and topics. It also builds on fluency skills that are important for the remainder of the course.

Additional Strategies

  • Consider using the Assignments in tandem with the Skills Practice or instead of Skills Practice. For example, the questions in the Practice section of the Assignment can be targeted practice for each lesson's skills and mathematical concepts.
  • Utilize a station rotation on your MATHia days and use the Assignment or portions of the Practice section of the Assignment as a station.