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Ways to Get Support in MATHia

As you work through problems in MATHia, there may be times you need help.  MATHia workspaces offer multiple support tools for you to use.

Tool When should I use this tool?
Glossary Use the Glossary when a workspace has vocabulary that is new to you.
Step-by-Step Example

Complete the Step-by-Step Example when you begin a workspace. Completing the Step-by-Step Example before you attempt any problems will help you understand the expectations of the workspace and provide you with a completed example you can reference throughout the workspace.

Sample Problem

Analyze the Sample Problem at any time while you are working, using it as a reference. 


Hints are available throughout the software. If you have completed the Step-by-Step Example and analyzed the Sample Problem but still don’t know what to do, use the Hints to help you complete the problem.











Using the Glossary

The Glossary is available throughout the software. It contains a list of definitions and examples for key mathematical terms used throughout the curriculum.

The Glossary is automatically opened when you click on any of the key terms links in the unit overview page. For example, choosing the link equivalent ratios opens the Glossary entry for equivalent ratios as shown.


On the search tab of the Glossary, use the find box on the top left to search for a topic or term. You should enter complete words, but do not be too detailed, as the search is based on exact matching of the words entered. Any topic or term in the Glossary that has text matching your search will be displayed in the left window in alphabetical order. Click on the term in the left window that you wish to view. A definition and example for the term will appear in the right window.



Using the Step-by-Step Example

The Step-by-Step Example demonstrates how to use the tools in a lesson by guiding you step-by-step through a sample math problem.

When you click Let's Go!, you will be prompted to Begin Step-by-Step Example. You can start a Step-by-Step Example at any time by clicking on Step-by-Step Example at the top of your screen.  You can toggle between your problem and the example as needed.



As You Work Through the Step-by-Step Example:


  1. Read the scenario.

  2. Read the hint in the little window and try to answer the question. If you don’t know the answer, you can guess. This will not affect your skill level.

  3. If you enter the wrong answer twice, the system will correctly complete the step for you. Take some time to think about why the suggested answer is the correct one.

  4. Continue answering the questions until you complete the problem. Once complete, 

  5. Click Go to Problem to go to the required math problems.



Sample Problems

Sample Problems are available for most workspaces and can be used as a reference when working through the problems.


Using Hints

Hints are available throughout the software in two forms: Just-in-Time Hints and On-Demand Hints.