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Topic Overview

The Topic Overview is provided at the beginning of each topic and is a high-level document to help you better understand the mathematics for the topic.

The Topic Overview describes how the topic is organized, the entry point for students, how a student will demonstrate understanding, importance of the mathematics, how the activities promote expertise in the process standards, highlights of the Learning Together opportunities, ELPS covered in the topic, and more detailed information to help with pacing.

For a high-level understanding of the upcoming topic, it is recommended to read each Topic Overview before beginning to understand the full scope of the mathematics to come.

Each topic begins with a description of the mathematics students will engage with, previous learning students have had prior to this topic that will support their learning, a list of how students will demonstrate understanding of the mathematics, why the topic is important, and how the activities promote student expertise in the process standards. The Topic Overview also includes a table outlining the lessons, lesson highlights, pacing and TEKS, and a suggested pacing plan for the topic.

The Topic Overview can be found at the beginning of each topic in the textbook.

To better understand the Topic Internalization process as you prepare for a new topic, click here.