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Topic Pacing Guides

The Topic Pacing Guide is an additional resource that provides detailed information to support teachers with pacing throughout the topic.

Each Topic Pacing Guide includes the Module, Topic, and Lesson names, the ELPS addressed in each topic, the number of days recommended for each lesson, the suggested placement of Learning Individually days and assessments, as well as specifically calling out lesson highlights and the TEKS addressed in each lesson. Additionally, a calendar is provided to denote the activities that contain essential components for each lesson.

Modified Topic Pacing Guides

The primary purpose of the Modified Topic Pacing Guides is to provide Carnegie Learning Texas Solution users with two alternative options for course pacing from the current 180-Day option. The two modified options are 165-Day pacing and 150-Day pacing options for each course.

Understanding the Modified Pacing

To access all versions of the Topic Pacing Guides for the 2022-2023 school year, select your desired course from the table below.

Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Accelerated Grade 6 (there is no modified pacing for this course)
Accelerated Grade 7 (there is no modified pacing for this course)
Algebra I
Algebra II


There are additional course-level documents that reflect the new pacing options, the Year at a Glance (YAGs) and the Scope and Sequence.