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Creating and Rostering a Class in MyCL

Now that you have successfully logged in to MyCL, let's create classes in Teacher’s Toolkit.

Teacher’s Toolkit is where all of your class rosters begin and where you can select MATHia sequences for your classes. This article will help you MANUALLY create classes in Teacher’s Toolkit. 

If your district uses Clever or Classlink, your rosters will be added for you by a district administrator. To add MATHia content to the classes that are added for you, check out the article, Adding MATHia Sequences for Roster Integrated Users.

Click Create New Class on the Teacher’s Toolkit homepage OR Select the 3x3  grid in the upper right hand corner, and choose Classes → Create Class.

The Create Class Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up a class. You will name the class, choose the appropriate content for it, and enroll students.
  1.  Click the Create New Class button on the Teacher’s Toolkit homepage.        

  2. Pick Product - Select MATHia and then Continue.         

  3. Define Class
    • Select the instructor from the drop-down menu.
    • Fill in the Class Name. For reporting and consistency, define a naming convention for your school. We suggest: Teacher Name - Course - Period # 
    • Select the class Start and End Dates. These dates should represent the first and last days in which students will have the opportunity to work in MATHia. They will be used to define date ranges within your class usage reports.

    • Select the Texas (TEKS) Standards set. (MATHia reports that you can generate will use TEKS Standards. All MATHia sequences are fully TEKS-aligned)

    • Select a Theme for your class.  The Theme defines what design interface students see in the background.

      • Space Journey is intended for Middle School students and incorporates space and planet designs.

      • Cub3D is intended for High School students and consists of 3D geometric shapes.

    • Select the Class Category and Profile that best align with your class. (Both the class category and class profile will be displayed in the Leadership Reports.)

    • Click Continue.   

      *There is a 24-48 hour sync period required for the class you just created to appear in your Texas Math Solution Lesson Materials platform. If you are Manually creating all of your courses for a full year, please complete the MATHia sequencing below for each class, and then wait 24-48 hours for the classes to be added to your Lesson Materials.
  4. Select Content​​
    • TEKS-aligned courses have been pre-built within MATHia. For the purpose of this article we selected Choose a Constructed Course. If you are intersted in learning more about creating your own custom MATHia sequence, click here

    • Select the TEKS-aligned Texas Home Learning content that is available to you from the list of Courses (left side).  The Modules within the course will be added to the list of Assigned Content (right side).

    • Click Continue 
  5. ​Add Students
    • ​​There are three options you can utilize to add students to your class roster. 
      • Import Class Roster: Use this option if you have an external .csv file that contains the students that will be in the class. Student accounts will be created and automatically assigned to this class. (recommended)

      • Add New Students: Use this option to manually create accounts for students if you do not have a .csv file or are only adding a minimal number of students. Students will be automatically assigned to this class.

      • Select Existing Students: Use this option if student accounts have been previously created and you need to assign them to your class.

​​​Student Usernames:  We recommend utilizing student numbers for their usernames. You do not need to add an email address for student accounts.

When you are finished select, Continue.

From here you will see that each student you added has been enrolled in this class. You will have the opportunity to enroll any additional students that may already be listed in Teacher’s Toolkit by going to the Roster tab and selecting Edit.

Use the checkboxes to select students from the left side, who already exist in the system to add students to the class. Select from the right side to remove students from the class.

When you have completed adding/removing students, Save & Finish.

Select OK to dismiss your confirmation screen. You will be redirected to the Class Details for this particular class.

You have successfully created a class, added MATHia sequences to the classes, and rostered your students. Remember, the class rosters will sync to your TXMS Lesson Materials after 24-48 hours!  Once synced, you will need to manually add course content into the Lesson Materials as well.