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Implementation Integrity: Keeping Up Momentum with the TXMS

The Carnegie Learning TXMS Implmenentation Integrity webinar provided concrete and actionable steps for teachers in their classrooms and when preparing for a lesson. Read on to access critical resources and watch a recording of the webinar. The notes companion guide is available via the link below.

Notes Companion Guide 

Implementation Integrity

Understanding integrity vs. fidelity

When discussing curriculum implementation, two terms are heavily used, implementation fidelity and implementation integrity. Fidelity suggests a rigid implementation approach where the curriculum is carried out precisely as it is written and laid out. Therefore, there is little flexibility for modifying content to suit the needs of your students. Implementation integrity provides a more flexible approach that allows teachers to change and adapt content materials to suit the needs and learning of the students. With a mindset toward integrity, teachers can adapt High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) to support ALL learners in the classroom.

Additional Resource: Integrity over Fidelity

What is implementation integrity?

Understanding Pacing

Modified pacing options: Essential vs. non-essential

Additional Resources:

Lesson Planning Process

Lesson Planning Process Overview

Additional Resource: Lesson Internalization

Do the Math

Facilitation Notes

Read the Facilitator Notes for Engage, Develop, and Demonstrate. Make a note of important ideas, suggestions, or questions. Then begin to map out how you will chunk the activities you want to include in your lesson plan. 


Be Prepared


A Blended Learning Model

Put it all together

Additional ResourceCultivating a Blended Learning Approach


How do we connect what students are doing in MATHia to the lesson?

Teachers can target specific questions aligned with skills from a particular lesson using the Content Browser in Teacher's Toolkit. The video below shows how to access the Content Browser.

Additional ResourceNavigating the MATHia Content Browser

Skills Practice


Additional Resource: Utilizing the Assignments

Webinar Recording