Reaching the Unreachables

Reaching the Unreachables

45 minutes Watch Webinar

Join Matt Vaudrey, Education Technology Coach at Bonita Unified School District, as he shares strategies that make math meaningful for students. Educators will learn how to harness the power of student voice, ask critical questions, improve student engagement and help students construct mathematical arguments.

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Matt Vaudrey

Google Certified Innovator and EdTech Coach

A Google Certified Innovator and EdTech Coach from Southern California, Matt is a recovering math teacher who dresses in costumes, plays loud music, and stands on desks: anything to make content meaningful for his students. In risk-taking, he either succeeds or fails grandly. In either case, Matt asks for input via Twitter, and fellow educators from across the state, the country, and the world influence his pedagogy. His book, The Classroom Chef, is available on Amazon and online resources at

Matt encourages new and veteran teachers to step outside of what’s comfortable and utilize the resources freely shared online. This is a great time to be an educator, and Matt sets up the skills they need, gives a prompt, and gets out of the way.