Learning Solutions

For Students, Grades 6-12

There is a simple reason why Carnegie Learning offers the most successful math curricula in the nation. We are the only math publisher that uses cognitive science as the cornerstone of its instructional design. We collect more than 250 million observations each year into how students think, learn, and apply new knowledge in math, then craft the findings into customizable curricula that play to each student's individual learning needs.

This revolutionary strategy empowers students to produce significantly improved math scores in a broad spectrum of school districts across the nation. By consistently innovating and applying research around how students learn, Carnegie Learning ensures that schools, teachers, and – most importantly – students, achieve greater success.

  • Research Proven: Independent research conducted by the RAND Corporation and funded by the Department of Education shows that Carnegie Learning Algebra I Blended Curriculum nearly double the gains of a typical year’s work of learning.
  • Exclusively Math Focused: Every minute, every day, we are working to help students be successful in math to be prepared for college and careers in the 21st century.   
  • Personalized, Student-Centered Learning: Our programs promote a student-centered, collaborative classroom that inspires students to learn with and from each other and provides flexibility to accommodate a variety of learning environments.   

Support For All Learners

Carnegie Learning curricula are written to accommodate a variety of learners including English Language Learners, students with special needs, and students on, above, and below grade level. We provide support to help teachers plan lessons that create, maintain, and formatively assess student learning.

Innovative, Research Proven Curricula

Carnegie Learning offers mathematics curricula and professional development built on over two decades of research. Our learning solutions include math worktexts along with adaptive software and professional development

Math Worktexts

Engage students to participate in their own learning, and help them develop a lifelong understanding of mathematics. Carnegie Learning worktexts promote student-centered, collaborative classrooms, create a gateway to graduation, and prepare students for 21st century careers. Read More

Web-Based Software

MATHia X and Cognitive Tutor® software for students in grades 6-12 represents an innovative application of technology, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science that identifies strengths and weaknesses in individual student’s mastery of mathematical concepts in order to personalize learning for each student. Read More

Implementation Models

Our personalized learning solutions have been proven effective in a variety of implementation models with a wide range of student populations. If you are looking for a print, digital, or blended math program for your students, Carnegie Learning can be utilized to meet the unique needs of your classroom. Read More

Professional Development

Help teachers grow and become more effective as they deepen their understanding of best practices in math instruction and the Carnegie Learning Math curricula. Read More


Learn about Carnegie Learning’s approach to key initiatives and how our solutions are increasing math achievement across a wide range of student populations. Read More