Response to Intervention

Personalized Learning Differentiated to Meet the Needs of Tier 1, 2, and 3 Students

When looking for the right math programs for your Response to Intervention (RTI) initiative, targeted differentiated instruction, and ongoing formative assessment are critical components. Carnegie Learning can help you meet the needs of your RTI program in grades 6-12 through a variety of implementation models. 

The Carnegie Learning Middle School and High School Math Series effectively meet RTI Tiers 1, 2, and 3 through a data-driven, decision-making design for teaching math. This design – including automated assessment, monitoring, adjustment, and reports – supports the development of mathematic competences in all students, even those who are struggling. 



Tier 1: Universal

Carnegie Learning is your universal, core curriculum for all students.

Resources: Math Series Worktexts, MATHia and/or Cognitive Tutor software, or both 

Students are active learners, working in small groups or independently to solve math problems. Each student receives a Carnegie Learning write-in worktext and/or spends time receiving direct instruction and targeted practice in the software.

RTI Benefits:

  • Daily balanced instruction
  • Student-centered, collaborative classrooms promote math discourse
  • Students “learn by doing” and develop a deep conceptual understanding of math


Tier 2: Strategic Intervention  

Utilized with your core mathematics curricula, our adaptive, web-based software tracks student progress and personalizes instruction as needed for practice, re-teaching, or reinforcement.

Resources: MATHia (grades 6-8) and Cognitive Tutor (grades 9-12) software

MATHia and Cognitive Tutor software target instruction to help strengthen each student’s areas of weakness in mathematical development.

RTI Benefits:

  • Ongoing, formative assessment
  • Actionable, real-time reports at the student, class, and school level
  • Students engage in differentiated instruction, targeted towards their weaknesses.


Tier 3: Intensive Intervention

Carnegie Learning curricula is customized to target at-risk students’ weakest skills to provide more opportunities for learning and practice. 

ResourcesMath Series Worktexts and MATHia and/or Cognitive Tutor software

Customized curricula sequences are available to support your Tier 3 students.

RTI Benefits:

  • Ongoing, formative assessment   
  • Actionable, real-time reports at the student, class, and school level
  • Adaptive instruction with more time spent on each task
  • Targeted review sessions, skills practice, and homework assignments