Worktext Overview

For Students, Grades 6-12

Carnegie Learning worktexts promote student-centered, collaborative classrooms, create a gateway to graduation, and prepare students for 21st century careers. Students actively participate in their own learning and develop a lifelong understanding of math.

  • Available in print and digital formats
  • Can be implemented as core, support class, double block, and more
  • Supports all student populations including ELL, gifted, and special education
  • Supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 for Response to Intervention (RTI)

Write-In Worktexts, Updated Annually

Carnegie Learning consumable write-in worktexts challenge students to construct and interpret mathematical models and explain their reasoning as they go. Updated annually based on data and feedback from schools, our worktexts prioritize the process and the development of a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics. Our materials provide students with the appropriate tools to think deeply about mathematics and fluently execute the procedures.

Consumable Worktexts provide various opportunities to reason, model, and explain mathematical ideals in order to deepen every student’s mathematical understanding.

Real-world Scenarios help students see how math is relevant to their daily lives.

Problem-based Lessons focus on how students think, learn, and apply new knowledge.

Embedded Differentiation ensures every student makes connections and develops a deep understanding of math.

Student-Centered Lessons Promote Deep Conceptual Understanding

Math becomes real and relevant to students’ everyday lives. Students make the text their own – they work with peers to highlight key data, take notes, solve problems in real-world situations, and describe problem-solving strategies. Students practice and apply their understanding of lessons with assignments that emphasize extended investigations, analysis, and alternate solution paths. 

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Teacher Support

Math is relevant not because it comes with a rulebook that must be memorized, but because it provides a common, useful language for examining and solving everyday problems. To help your students develop lifelong reasoning and problem-solving skills, all Carnegie Learning worktexts include point-of-use teacher support tools including ongoing formative assessments that track patterns and progress rather than just test performance. 

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Developed for the Common Core

How do students think, learn, apply new knowledge, and succeed? Based on a continuous improvement model, we recognize our responsibility to provide instructional materials that respect the latest research and arm students with the tools to take ownership of their learning.

While Carnegie Learning curricula are all new and written specifically for the Common Core, the foundation of our worktexts has always been consistent with the Standards for Mathematical Practice. 

  • All-new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curricula
  • Available for middle and high school students
  • Print and digital learning paths
  • Flexible implementations
  • CCSS and State Standards aligned professional development for educators

Customize Your Learning Solution

Carnegie Learning provides a true hybrid solution to math education. Use the worktexts alone or combine them with MATHia® (Grades 6-8) or Cognitive Tutor® (Grades 9-12) software for a blended experience.

Available Courses

Middle School:
  • Math Series Course 1 (Grade 6)
  • Math Series Course 2 (Grade 7)
  • Math Series Course 3 (Grade 8)
High School:
  • Bridge to Algebra
  • Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Integrated Math I, II, and III

State-specific worktexts are available for Florida, Georgia, Texas, and others. Contact us to learn more!