1-on-1 tutoring for every middle school student.


What if you could double your students’ math learning in a single year? You can – with MATHia X.

Carnegie Learning Algebra I
Carnegie Learning Algebra I Higher Completion*

A gold-standard Department of Education-funded randomized trial of more than 18,000 students at 147 middle and high schools in 7 states proved that the Carnegie Learning blended approach, in the second year of implementation, nearly doubled growth in performance on standardized tests relative to typical students. Studies at this scale are exceedingly rare, and this study is among the largest rigorous trials ever done on a mathematics curriculum. A subsequent study found that student gains were even larger for students who completed more curriculum in the Carnegie Learning Software.

*Students completing more than 27 sections in Carnegie Learning Software

Source US DoE/RAND Independent Research Study. Learn more.


Start with rich, adaptive mathematics instruction

Driven by each student’s unique learning process, not just the final answers.

Is your student asking for a hint? Going back to the step-by-step example? Asking for a definition?

  • That’s critical feedback. Teachers use it to adjust instruction and provide scaffolded support.
  • So does MATHia X.

With algorithms that respond to every step in the learning process, MATHia X delivers the most differentiated instruction available today.

  • It’s a personal tutor for every student in the class.

Developing deep understanding of key mathematical concepts and mastery of critical skills.

MATHia X does more than deliver the right content for each student at precisely the right time. Its instructional design is the product of the very best learning science and experienced master math teachers.

  • Multi-step, real world problems build both conceptual understanding and fluency.
  • Interactive tools and widgets make learning meaningful, fun, and engaging, which accelerates learning even more.
  • Problems build on prior skills and revisit foundational knowledge to reinforce mastery.

Built around a quality curriculum you can customize for your middle school classrooms.

Customize the content and design your course to meet your state standards and district pacing.

magnifying glass

Insist on precise, continuous
assessment—built in

Give yourself ongoing, actionable insights without losing instructional time.

MATHia X goes beyond the best in embedded, formative assessment. We track everything, so you can see the work—how each student masters each discrete skill, or doesn’t.

Knowing that a student sometimes struggles solving linear equations is good. Knowing that the student is struggling when the coefficient is -1 is better.

MATHia X empowers students to take ownership of their learning by giving them real-time updates on their progress, positive reinforcement, and visual learning progress guides. Every action a student takes in MATHia X updates the Skillometer—a skill dashboard you and students can access any time.

screen shot of program

Better data – external assessment time = Better use of instructional timenth

Better data gives you visibility into student learning

You can run smart, predictive reports that help you focus on the areas where students need support and give you immediate insight into student progress and projected outcomes.

Customizable, summative pre- and post-tests can simplify grading and benchmark each student’s progress and performance on standards.


Prepare yourself for unprecedented learning outcomes

No matter which implementation model you choose.

MATHia X provides personalized, 1-on-1 tutoring. It adapts to each student, and it’s flexible enough to work in a variety of learning environments.

It works seamlessly with Carnegie Learning worktexts or as a supplement to other core math programs.


Blended Classroom

Leverage the Carnegie Learning blended classroom model, both worktexts and software


Supplemental Instruction

Build your own sequence that flexibly aligns with all major texts


Response to Intervention (RTI)

Assign specific units to address gaps


Launch every student on a path to mastery.

Put our comprehensive curriculum and instruction based on 25 years of cognitive science, practitioner knowledge, and rigorous research to work, and it’s mission accomplished.



A license includes access to all available curricula: Grade 6, 7, 8, and Algebra I, plus embedded online professional development*. Site and per-student licenses are available. Term and volume discounts may apply.

  • Grades 6–8 and Algebra I
  • Built for Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets and PCs!
  • Using MATHia now? Upgrade your licenses!

*Additional professional development and training options are available for purchase.