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Why is Carnegie Learning so effective?
Because we are constantly doing our homework.

Carnegie Learning Founders
Carnegie Learning founders
Dr. Ken Koedinger, Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Steve Ritter

Carnegie Learning curricula are based on over 20 years of research into how students think, learn and apply new knowledge in mathematics. We are committed to a continuous cycle of improvements based on this extensive research. Carnegie Learning curricula use students' intuitive problem solving abilities as a powerful bridge to more formal and sophisticated mathematical comprehension.

Carnegie Learning curricula are based on extensive scientific research from Carnegie Mellon University, along with field tests in schools throughout the United States. Cognitive Tutor software is based on the ACT-R theory of learning, memory and performance, which has been validated by hundreds of lab and field studies. The software was developed using a rigorous empirical testing process resulting in over 50 publications validating the effectiveness of cognitive modeling.

To keep our curricula current, and to make certain the teachers using our curricula have the benefit of thorough research, we continue to support investigations into the efficacy of our software and textbooks.

Research has shown that students using Cognitive Tutor Algebra I:

  • Demonstrate an 85% better performance on assessments of complex mathematical problem solving and thinking
  • Have a 70% greater likelihood of completing subsequent Geometry and Algebra II courses
  • Achieve 15-25% better scores on the SAT and Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

For detailed information about our research, please use the links below.

Papers written by our team of cognitive scientists that outline successful implementations of our curricula.
Reports that provide information about our evaluative research, including an overall summary of findings, a reference guide to aid in interpreting results and reports summarizing individual studies.
Published research that provides justification for our approach, describes a study focused on improving the Cognitive Tutor or describes an evaluation to determine the effectiveness of our curricula.