Reaching the Unreachables

45 minutes Watch Webinar

Join Matt Vaudrey, Education Technology Coach at Bonita Unified School District, as he shares strategies that make math meaningful for students. Educators will learn how to harness the power of student voice, ask critical questions, improve student engagement and help students construct mathematical arguments.

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Matt Vaudrey

Educational Technology Coach

Bonita Unified School District

As a secondary educator, Matt Vaudrey wears costumes, plays loud music, stands on desks: whatever it takes to make math meaningful for his students. By taking these risks, he either succeeds or fails grandly. In either case, Matt asks for input via Twitter, and fellow educators from across the state, the country, and the world influence his pedagogy.

As an education professional, he writes about successes, failures, and everything in between on his website, then takes those lessons into the conference room, where he enjoys sharing what he's learned with fellow teachers. Also, in The Classroom Chef, he and John Stevens train math teachers to sample all that the internet has to offer them.