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Our collaborative textbooks will engage your students.

Carnegie Learning TextbooksOne way to motivate students is to deliver math instruction in a collaborative learning environment. This approach helps students spend more time being active learners during class periods as they interact with their peers to solve problems together. We use real-world situations in our math problems, which helps students to see how math is relevant in their daily lives. And our math problems are designed to emphasize connections between verbal, numeric, graphic and algebraic representations.

Carnegie Learning develops and publishes textbooks to support a collaborative classroom. Our classroom activities address both mathematical content and process standards. Students develop skills to work cooperatively to solve problems. Additionally, they improve their reasoning, sense making and communication skills.

Our consumable textbooks provide an opportunity for extended investigations, analysis and alternate solution paths. Each student is given a text that they can write in whether it is taking notes, highlighting key data in a problem, solving a problem, or writing complete sentences to describe problem solving strategies.

Curricula Offierings

Carnegie Learning publishes student and teacher's textbook sets for the following core math programs:

Included Items

A typical Student Textbook set includes:

  • Student Text
  • Student Assignments and Skills Practice

A typical Teacher's Textbook set includes:

  • Teacher's Implementation Guide
  • Teacher's Resources and Assessments

Key Features and Benefits

  • Students like working cooperatively and become active participants in math class
  • Students better relate to math when solving real-world problems
  • Students make connections and understand key math concepts when they encounter multiple representations
  • Teachers are better supported with materials and tips for facilitating a collaborative learning environment

Please refer to our Textbook Overview to learn more about our textbooks. To discuss pricing or to learn more about our textbooks, please contact a Carnegie Learning sales representative.