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Secondary Curricula

Intelligent mathematics software that adapts to meet the needs of ALL students.

Our adaptive curricula, Cognitive Tutor software, is based on over 20 years of research into how students think and learn. The software was developed around an artificial intelligence model that identifies weaknesses in each individual student's mastery of mathematical concepts. It then customizes prompts to focus on areas where the student is struggling, and sends the student to new problems that address those specific concepts. The result is a powerful learning tool with the most precise method of differentiating instruction available.

Innovative Research-Based Pedagogy

  • Engages students directly in problem solving
  • Uses concrete, real-world scenarios
  • Makes use of informal student knowledge
  • Prompts a student to think abstractly, by converting situations into quantities and units

Multiple Representations

Interactive Example
A screenshot of the Cognitve Tutor software
showing multiple representations:
a word problem, a graph and a table of values.
  • Students work with multiple representations of a problem
  • Scenarios appeal to students of all abilities and learning styles
  • The Solver encourages students to express the problem numerically
  • The Grapher displays the problem graphically in a coordinate plane
  • The Worksheet prompts students to convert word problems to mathematical expressions

Interactive Examples

Interactive Example
An Interactive Example Screen in Algebra I.
  • Delivers on screen, step by step instruction for each software unit
  • Students can see and engage in examples that promote a conceptual understanding of the problems being solved

Flexible Sequencing

Custom Curriculum Builder
The Teacher's Toolkit makes it simple
to create a Custom Curriculum.
  • Gives administrators the ability to build a custom curriculum to meet the special needs of districts or schools
  • Units can be re-ordered, added and deleted, and new sequences can be named and published for use in the classroom

Automated Assessment

  • Delivers pre- and post-tests that automatically tie to custom-sequenced curricula
  • The pretest may be configured to be diagnostic, in which case results are used to set pacing for students in the instructional software

Just-in-time Feedback

Just-in-Time Hint
An Example of the Just-in-Time hints.
  • Hints are contextual and oriented towards helping the student to solve key steps in the problem
  • Immediate feedback enables the student to self-correct and leads to more effective learning and applying of the mathematics
  • The program recognizes the most common student errors and responds appropriately


The Skillometer tracks numerous skills per lesson.
  • As a student becomes more proficient in a skill, the bars on the Skillometer increase in length and turn gold, indicating mastery
  • Teachers can view an immediate snapshot of each student's progress
  • Students receive a dynamic, strong motivator to succeed

Carnegie Learning 24/7 Math Help

Carnegie Learning 24/7 Math Help
A sample chat session within 24/7 Math Help.
  • Provides one-on-one online tutoring for at-risk students
  • Certified tutors for all of our curricula
  • Online chat, virtual whiteboards
  • Student-led interaction