of 12th graders are not proficient in math.*

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Carnegie Learning
High School Math Solution

We need a better way to prepare our high school students.
The Carnegie Learning Way.

A Better Approach to Blended Learning: Consumable Textbooks + MATHia® Software

Available in Traditional and Integrated Pathways spanning Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, the Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution seamlessly integrates group instruction with independent learning through write-in textbooks and adaptive software. This multi-layered approach to blended learning ensures each student learns math in a way that builds collaboration and critical thinking skills, and pushes them to achieve conceptual understanding as part of a community and on their own.

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Learning Together

Group learning in a student-centered, collaborative classroom with consumable textbooks helps students work through the math. Our write-in textbooks provide opportunities for students to explain their reasoning as they construct and interpret mathematical models. By engaging with a variety of real-world and mathematical problems, students are able to build on prior knowledge and intuition as they develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.

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Learning Individually

Individual learning with MATHia, our game-changing AI-powered software means every student gets a supportive 1-on-1 tutoring experience, with continuous formative assessment and just-in-time hints. From Benjamin Bloom’s now-famous “2 Sigma Problem” research, we know that an average student tutored one-to-one using mastery learning techniques performs two standard deviations better than students who learn via conventional instructional methods (Bloom, 1984). MATHia mirrors a human tutor and delivers this kind of 1-to-1 experience better than any other platform.

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We want students to learn math, not just memorize it.