What our users say

“[Carnegie Learning's] tutoring service has been a tremendous, positive impact for my child! I've seen my child grow from hating math to gaining new confidence to complete assignments and testing. Grades have significantly improved, and my child consistently gets almost a perfect score on every assignment now.” Parent at Suitland High School
“It has helped me build more confidence on skills that maybe I am not comfortable with.” Student at Potomac High School
“It has been a wonderful blessing!!! My son has gained confidence in this very difficult subject!” Parent at Charles Herbert Flowers High School
“This program has impacted my student a lot by helping her understand math and getting the help that she needed to better her grade in math overall. Even her teacher has noticed the improvement since the introduction of online tutoring. Usually, she would just sit in class and not ask a question but getting one-on-one tutoring has helped her so much in geometry.” Parent at Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School
“I love the [Fast ForWord] reports … It’s so much good data, especially when it comes to honing in on exactly where a child needs support.” Sally Easley, EL Coordinator, Esperanza Charter Academy, New Orleans, LA