West Virginia Partners with Carnegie Learning to Deliver Powerful Math Professional Learning

Carnegie Learning has brought high-quality professional learning services to West Virginia teachers for over 10 years.

It began in 2011 with a partnership with the West Virginia Department of Education Office of Special Programs. We delivered extensive professional learning to an initial cohort of 119 teachers (primarily special education) from 35 counties throughout the state over the course of two years. This included annual 5-day face-to-face academies, follow up sessions, and the completion of self-paced online modules using MATHia.


Stronger Content Knowledge and Increased Confidence

WV Teacher Responses

An extensive research study following the initial cohort found that:

  • At the conclusion of year 2, nearly 80% of participants reported having stronger knowledge of algebraic functions
  • 78% said they were better able to differentiate high and low level cognitive tasks
  • 69% indicated stronger knowledge of the Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • 66% reported increased confidence when analyzing mathematical tasks
  • Pre/post test data show statistically significant mathematics content and pedagogical knowledge gains in the area of proportional reasoning

Some of the teacher feedback included:

“This was the most useful and motivating PD I have attended in years.”

“The trainer didn't just show us how to do things or talk to us, she encouraged us to think and do!”




Empowering Teachers to Support Their Students

To date, we have worked with more than 1,000 educators across the state and more than 35 of the 55 districts, providing implementation workshops, coaching, custom workshops and math academies.