Philadelphia, PA Transforms Math Learning through Professional Learning

Carnegie Learning has partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to provide high-quality math content support to 750 math educators and live training for over 200 math lead teachers.

The School District of Philadelphia, the eighth largest district in the nation, is committed to investing in training, coaching, and support for its teachers. One example of this commitment is its partnership with Carnegie Learning, which began in June 2016 with a week-long MathCounts Institute. The innovative professional learning Institute included breakout sessions to support teachers’ mathematical content knowledge and enhance their capacity to deliver math lessons infused with the Standards for Mathematical Practice. A second week-long institute took place in Summer 2017.

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During the school year, Carnegie Learning provides ongoing, sustainable in-classroom support focused on best practices and math content to more than 750 Philadelphia teachers, as well as content and leadership training for over 200 math lead teachers.

By actively engaging in discourse and productive struggle with their peers, Philadelphia teachers have been able to develop a clear vision of what a student-centered math classroom looks, sounds, and feels like. They left the first MathCounts Institute with a toolbox of best practices and instructional strategies, connections to their own classroom practice, and an increased level of confidence in delivering engaging lessons.

Joshua Taton, Director of Mathematics for the district, says, “Carnegie Learning has really helped us in promoting conceptual understanding of mathematics and broadening the range of pedagogical tools that teachers have available to them, and thinking about math in new and exciting and fun ways. They have been incredibly flexible and incredibly open to communication. The willingness and ability to adjust on the fly has been just an amazing experience."